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Space experiment "Shadow-beacon" onboard International Space Station (ISS) with participation of radio amateurs

Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and its leading research organization, Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TSNIIMASH) invite VHF-amateurs as well as students and school pupils being interested in space exploration to take part in the space experiment "Shadow-beacon" on International Space Station. This experiment is a ‘cold” phase of space plasma experiment "Shadow" which was discussed here for a few years.

Except the scientific data, realization of the space experiment "Shadow-beacon" will give an unique experience in involving intellectual and technical potential of International radio amateur community as well as Internet technology and resources for monitoring of the near-Earth space and to evaluate capability to use this potential in perspective scientific projects.

With really mass, voluntary and gratuitous participation of VHF-amateurs this project would become a humanitarian world wide action uniting many peoples of different countries with interesting and useful work for future enhancing the spirit of cooperation, mutual understanding and friendship.

Welcome to "Shadow-beacon" project team!

Let us do this job together!